At Studio Marques we work with consultancy in various forms, from short sprint projects to long term partnerships. We can step in as an interim solution or sometimes scout a wide network for other competencies that might be needed. We have developed a process that seeks to define the best possible set up and result in concrete recommendations and action plan forward.

Steps in our audit:

  1. Status analysis
    Studio Marques prepare a status suggestion based on current market data and customer perceptions. A first meeting with board or project group is set up to agree on status.
  2. Workshop
    Using a well tested method Studio Marques set up a workshop based on step 1 status. In the workshop (full day or separated into two half days) we will together define new business opportunities, agree on desired market position and strong communication USPs.

    The workshop will result in an updated brand and business summary including concrete recommendations on how to secure a strong market position. The workshop is held over a full day or separated into two half days.
  3. Result
    Cultivating findings from the workshop Studio Marques creates a complete update of brand and business framework. This is to be used as a tool for the complete organisation going forward and support strategic steering. The result is presented at a final meeting. 
  4. Implementation
    On request Studio Marques help out in the operational implementation of the strategy. We offer advisory board and support decision making as well as interim solutions and talent scouting.